Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd.


Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd provides geoscience and geotechnical services to natural resource managers and private organizations throughout Western Canada. Our mission statement is… 

Working together to achieve environmentally sustainable resource development

Apex Geoscience Consultants Ltd offers the following services:

Corporate Services

Terrain Stability/Geotechnical Services

  • Slope stability assessment, landslide remediation prescriptions,
  • Road design in unstable and erodible terrain.
  • Landslide risk assessments
  • Drainage plans for resource roads
  • Road deactivation prescriptions
  • Soil erosion remediation


Hydrology/Fluvial Geomorphology

  • Watershed assessment
  • Hydrogeomorphic risk assessments for resource development planning
  • Stream channel stability assessment
  • Analysis of streamflow regimes and potential for development related disturbance,
  • Flood frequency analysis for culvert sizing
  • Water quality monitoring


  • Assessment of riparian – fluvial dynamics for management and restoration of fluvial and riparian ecosystem functions in stream channels.
  • Stream channel and bank remediation prescriptions


  • Regional and detailed terrain and surficial geology mapping
  • Regional and detailed geological hazards mapping
  • Regional and property scale bedrock geology mapping